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Why is the female species so open about their bra sizes?

A question by dailycomedies


Even though the weird lumps of fat on our chests are sexualised, why does the fabric that happens to hold them up be held to the same damning restrictions? Why is a sequence of a number and a letter so shocking? It’s not a big deal.

Women are not some separate species. We’re human beings. 

'Call the Midwife' Season Four to Premiere Sunday, March 29, 2015 on PBS




Call The Midwife Series 4 premieres in the US on PBS on March 29, 2015. The Christmas Special will be airing in the US on December 28, 2014 at 7:30pm ET. 

Well at least if I have to work Christmas (which is extremely likely if I stay in my current job — grrrr) I only have to wait three days to watch the Christmas Special.

(Yeah right. Like I’m gonna wait three whole days Internet)

Yeah, I thought the chances of people here waiting were pretty slim. I mean, who has seen The Mill? I bet it’s not just us Brits!

I might know someone who fits that description, cough. 


If a white boy is talking to you just say “oh shit dude no way” and they’ll think you’re listening the whole time

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