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OH MY GOD!!! Timothy and Angela!

She’s so cute!!

Let’s not forget the couch!!

As if we could, and god knows I’ve tried!

It’s pretty bad, isn’t it? Any other color and it would all right. But no. NO, it’s just gotta be a dirty yellow… thing. 

I want so badly for one thing in their house to have the lovely bright colors of the prettier sets. Let’s not even talk about how I want to paint the walls and set that rug on fire. 


Which episode is it when Sister Bernadette takes her wimple off in the mirror?



heyyoooo I made these suckers into wallpapers. They’re 2560x1440 (provided tumblr doesn’t shrink them). But they should fit any screen as long as you scale to fit to whatever the height of your screen is?? That makes sense right…