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So what is that thing behind the typewriter?

I’m thinking an ashtray, but she doesn’t smoke (well she may on the odd occasion- ‘I’m a bold girl… Sometimes’/’puff please’). And I don’t think it would be there ready to take to Dr T’s office/cubicle as they’re already open. But u think it does look similar to one I’ve seen in another scene with him…

I’m guessing this was a’ staged photo’ though because, she’s staring at the typewriter and there’s no paper!

She’s not looking at the typewriter she’s staring into space. This is 3.1 isn’t it as Trixie is leaning against the table smoking. So not sure why Shelagh is looking so pensive unless she’s contemplating the joys of married life! And I’ve stared and zoomed and I can’t work out what that ‘phone’ is. It’s not deep enough for an ashtray.

In this screenshot there’s a little bottle beside it, which looks like vinegar (!) but is probably ink so maybe something to do with that? Unless she’s waiting for someone to bring her some chips…

Wait. Why is there a nurse sitting on the floor? Was Sister Lee roughing up her staff?

That’s Cynthia. She was on the floor playing with a child. Put your specs on!

I think my version’s more interesting. And how gross must that floor be??

Suppose she is in anguish over the infertility?

But it’s only 3.1 so she isn’t infertile ‘yet’. We haven’t even had “I want the next baby I hold to be ours”

Ok, wasn’t exactly sure where this was, maybe she is daydreaming about a future baby or just a publicity photo.

Sorry, didn’t mean to sound like such a know-all! It probably is just a publicity shot and she’s thinking about her lunch ;-)

Perhaps it’s just a design on the table, or an in-memory plaque :)

I’m fairly certain it’s a little sign that says “receptionist” 

I’ll find the screencap in a sec. 


(Big version here) 

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